No-code AI
for automation professionals

Finally, an all in one platform to build enterprise-grade AI automations for text and document processes, without code.

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Text AI

Document AI

Build automations

Trusted by enterprises large and small

Automate what you couldn't before

DeepOpinion starts where rule based automation ends.

Build human-level AI automations

Build human-level AI for automations

Automate text and document workflows end-to-end using cutting edge ML and deep learning

Easlily connect all your tools

Easily connect all your tools

Connect to all of your existing systems with an API first approach

Without writing a line of code

Without writing a line of code

Leverage a proprietary AutoML engine that is intuitive and simple for automation professionals

What you get with DeepOpinion

Build AI automations that outperform anything on the market, guaranteed.

DeepOpinion has everything you need to bring human-level text and document intelligent process automation to life. Just show examples of what you want it to learn in over 100+ languages, and it automatically trains a custom model that can be shipped to your workflow. Learn more

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Human-level accuracy

Pre-trained models enable unmatched results, while requiring 90% less training data

Easy to use

Designed so business users can train custom models easily. No specific experience required

Deploy Instantly

Deploy your model with 1-click to your workflow in the cloud or on premises

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“It outperformed what we developed in house by 19% in terms of accuracy. It feels like magic, to the point that now we benchmark our data quality on DeepOpinion models.” - André, Siemens

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Easily automate end-to-end business processes, fast.

Quickly automate even the most complex intelligent workflows all in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Build your process and execute your business logic with rules, triggers and actions that can be re-arranged in just a few clicks. Learn more

Pre-built solutions

Leverage a growing base of pre-built automation solutions and base templates

Integrate your apps

Connect DeepOpinion to any app via API at no additional cost

Easy to Manage

Track the performance of your automations with dashboards, updates and notifications

“Integrations with our system landscape used to take months, now we can drag & drop them live.” - Martin, Markel

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Go far with world class customer success

Feel confident that you are on the fastest route to ROI with support that goes the extra mile from start to finish. Focus on what matters with support you can count on.

Go far with world class custommer success

Chat & video support

Our experts are available around the clock to help you from strategy through to implementation

Guaranteed success

We are committed to seeing you succeed because we only win when you do

Empower your workforce

Create intelligent automation leaders across your company with our certification program

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“We've been using automation platforms but we required more intelligent and scalable solutions to take it to the next level, which is why we partnered with DeepOpinion.” - Christopher, Reckitt Benckiser

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Kill boring for your enterprise

Enterprise-grade security
for high volume workflows

Leading Fortune 500 companies trust DeepOpinion in production every day. We offer the highest standards of information security to minimize cyber risks, maintain user trust and safeguard client data.  Our platform provides complete end-user security, infrastructure security, and data encryption.

Pay as you go with usage based pricing

with usage based

Pay only when your AI is used so that you are always seeing positive ROI. No hidden costs or fees.

Structured to scale across teams and regions

Structured to scale across teams and regions

DeepOpinion supports 100+ languages, collaboration across teams and has an autoscaling setup to automatically add machines and GPUs as your loads increase without requiring any IT intervention.

See DeepOpinion in action:

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Build industry leading ML models without code

Easily integrate models into end-to-end processes

Enterprise grade security

Fast time to production

Usage based pricing aligned with your ROI

DeepOpinion gives anyone the tools to build and implement world class ML models to automate text and document processes


Is DeepOpinion a replacement for RPA?

RPA software is generally good at helping people to access legacy systems and operate rule-based processes, yet remains very limited in terms of intelligent capabilities. DeepOpinion starts where RPA and rule-based automations end and integrates seamlessly with RPA tools to help teams build intelligent robots.

It was built specifically for workflows that require human judgement, including understanding, extracting, interpreting and categorizing unstructured data.

What kind of team is necessary to implement these automations?

The DeepOpinion platform is no-code and doesn’t require any specific technical skills or backgrounds. Both business teams and automation teams with knowledge of their processes and are capable of building successful automations. We work closely with every customer to onboard them with their first use cases during an initial 3-6 month Playground and also provide other ad-hoc and ongoing professional service packages. Set up a demo call to find out more. 

How does DeepOpinion compare to classical or rule-based solutions for input management?

DeepOpinion enables you to build robust human-level intelligent automations that significantly outperform rule-based implementations for text and document processing.

For example, even highly complex solutions that involve 100+ rules and are overseen by full-time analysts end up with 35%+ of their tickets misrouted causing re-work and longer resolution times.

With DeepOpinion, teams are able to achieve 90%+ accuracy with production-level AI and implementation in a week.