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Build human-level AI and automate processes for text & documents, without code

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Text AI

Document AI

Build automations

How does it work?

DeepOpinion simplifies the process of building intelligent automations into two steps. Build your AI. Deploy it to your Workflow. Done.

Build your AI

Automate your workflow



Build your AI with deep learning

Manage you training data.

Connect to any text or document source via API, or drag files and folders from your computer.  Then quickly label your data to create a machine learning dataset.

Collaborative labelling

Easily invite others to collaborate on data annotation

Minimal training time required

Models are pre-trained on millions of data points and require 90% less training data

Works with 100+ languages

DeepOpinion supports all major languages and then some

“The previous performance of our top notch handcrafted AI models was 80%. We achieved 92% with DeepOpinion in a day.” - Scott, PWC

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Train & publish automatically

Automatically train the best possible model for any given task without any setup or configuration. When you are done you can deploy your model to your workflow with one click.

Automatically optimized

Relax as the AutoML engine fine-tunes all the model hyper-parameters in the background

Efficient Active Learning

Efficiently improve model performance by training it on data flagged as low confidence 

Leverage a hive mind

Base models are regularly trained on millions of data sets and updates improve all models

“Everything we needed to be able to get executive approval in one day!” - Bojana, OTP Bank

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Automate your workflow end-to-end

Design your solution

Draw out the logic of your business process in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Create your workflow with multi-step decision trees, where different rules, conditions and triggers can be combined with your AI nodes to achieve the highest levels of automation.

Integrate your applications

Connect DeepOpinion to any of your existing software tools via API

Easy versioning control

Easily manage and navigate to the version you desire so your automations stay free from errors

Human in the loop

Improve oversight and accuracy over time by routing to a human when the model isn't confident

“There is no value-add in repetitive manual tasks... and DeepOpinion automation helped us to eliminate them.” - Martin, Markel

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Go live

Deploy your intelligent automations to the cloud or on premises with one click. Do in an afternoon what otherwise takes months. 

Easy to monitor

Track the performance of your automations with dashboards, updates and notifications

Chain AI models

Easily connect several AI models together in unlimited ways in your automations, without a line of code

Continuous learning

Your AI improves automatically as it learns from adjustments made in the business applications it is connected to

See DeepOpinion in action:

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Build industry leading ML models without code

Easily integrate models into end-to-end processes

Enterprise grade security

Fast time to production

Usage based pricing aligned with your ROI

DeepOpinion gives anyone the tools to build and implement world class ML models to automate text and document processes

Powered by world-class AutoML

DeepOpinion is powered by a world-class AutoML engine that automates the operational complexity of training human-level AI models. Enabling teams to easily create intelligent automations for text and document processes, without code.

Democratize automation

No-code platform that enables anyone to build intelligent automations

Build in days, not months

Connect DeepOpinion to your business applications via API using a visual drag-and-drop editor

Fully extendable

Fully extendable for IT/Tech teams to build on top of using a low-code environment