How scale-ups and F500s are using GPT-like technology to process millions of document layouts, with a single AI model...

(without wasting time building templates or writing code)

What others are saying

“We used to need to setup hundreds of document templates, for each supplier... now we do document AI with one DeepOpinion model and it is 3x more accurate on unseen documents!”


Shared Services Automation Head, Schaeffler

“It outperformed what we developed over years in house in terms of accuracy. It feels like magic, to the point that now we benchmark our data quality on DeepOpinion models.”


CoE Data Scientist, Siemens

“Integrations with our system landscape used to take months, now we can drag & drop and configure them live.”


CoE Leader, Markel

What makes DeepOpinion different?


One model handles millions of layouts.

Now you can build a single AI model in hours that can handle thousands of different document layouts - no templates required. See how a F500 reduced errors by 5x and eliminated 90+ templates in the case study here.

* Achieved after only 1.5 weeks with a single training run, and now on track to reach 98% with further improvements.


Jaw-dropping understanding











DeepOpinion can handle thousands of different
layouts like this with a single AI model.


Finally understand information hierarchy.

Whether you are working with multiple-page documents with many subsections or nested tables, DeepOpinion understands context and information hierarchy.

It understands that the red parent sections representing a delivery, contain green sub-sections representing packages in the delivery.


Say hi to AutoTransformers, the mastermind behind it all.

Built over the past 4 years, Autotransformers is the powerful pre-trained transformer model behind DeepOpinion, using a ChatGPT-like core.

  • Easily train human-level AI models for NLP and IDP

  • Pre-trained on data from 20 industries and 100 languages

  • Accessible directly via API

Understand any document, in any industry.

Bank Statements
Loan Applications
Electricity Bills
Traffic Tickets
Utility Bills
Bills of Lading
COVID 19 Tests
Legal Contracts
IRS Forms
Medical Prescriptions
Pay Slips
Packing Lists
Bank Checks
Brith Certificates
Corporate Tax Documents
Financial Statements
Purchase Orders
ID Cards
Legal Contracts
1040 Forms
Salary Slips
Drivers License
Certificate of Origin
Loan Applications
Medical Test Results
Delivery Notice
Customs Forms
Tax Returns
Clearance Applications
Many More...

Oh, and did we mention you can...

Pay-as-you-go with usage based pricing.

Whether you are a scale-up or a large enterprise, our pricing guarantees you see ROI.

Connect 220+
enterprise apps.

Automate end-to-end processes by easily connecting document AI to your existing system landscape.

Relax, with enterprise grade security.

We offer the highest standards of information security to minimize cyber risks, maintain user trust and safeguard client data.