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Easily create cutting-edge AI apps to call from your orchestration layer, powered by enterprise-grade GenAI and LLMs.

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Your whole intelligence layer in one Generative Automation platform.

One platform, designed to combine business process digitization, low/no-code development and Generative AI to create powerful automations in minutes. Build your autonomous enterprise.


What customers are saying

“With DeepOpinion, self-service AI became effortless. It streamlined AI model creation without the need for extensive expertise, saving time and resources”


“DeepOpinion enabled us to efficiently handle 400,000 inquiries in three days, redefining industry scalability without straining the back office.”


“DeepOpinion’s straight through processing is amazing, more than double what we’ve achieved. We’ve never seen anything even close to that.”

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Real Stories, Real Results

Bitpanda’s back office team went from being swamped and overwhelmed to deploying AI to handle 400,000 inquiries in three days, significantly boosting customer satisfaction.

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Uelzener processed 7 of 10 claims with zero touches

In only 8 weeks, Uelzener's claims processing team went from overwhelmed, working nights and weekends, to touch-lessly processing pet insurance claims. More Information

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"DeepOpinion freed up our team to focus on other things. It's like having an extra set of hands, without having to check on it"

Security you can count on

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, DeepOpinion delivers best-in-class cyber security, data privacy, and user trust with extensive encryption and infrastructure protection.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose DeepOpinion over an existing AI orchestration tool?

DeepOpinion is not an orchestration platform. Instead it is the intelligence layer that global orchestration platforms use to process their unstructured data, enhancing straight through processing rates for complex cognitive tasks.

What is Generative Automation?

Generative Automation merges business digitization, the simplicity of low/no-code platforms, and Generative AI’s advanced features. It’s about developing applications that process unstructured data with advanced extraction, reasoning, and understanding.

How does your AI compare to competitors?

Our AI excels in automating text and document processes, surpassing competitors in RFPs. We encourage you to experience its superior performance yourself with a demo.

Can you automate multi-step cognitive processes?

Yes. With DeepOpinion, you can easily build robust AI-powered automations in minutes. These can integrate with your business systems via API, include logic and rules, and involve human oversight without needing code.

What variety of content can DeepOpinion process?

DeepOpinion is adept at processing any format of text and documents. This capability allows for the automation of emails, attachments, tickets, PDFs, scans, forms and much more.

Do you have human validation?

Absolutely. DeepOpinion enable you to loop in humans as you desire within the Control Hub, facilitating easy and efficient corrections.

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